Hundreds of Church and State Leaders Join Governor McCrory At The Charlotte Convention Center To Pray At The Response


the response charlotteCharlotte just witnessed one of the largest prayer gatherings in the cities history.

The Response NC was state-wide call to prayer and fasting held at the Charlotte Convention Center. The sole purpose was to bring the church together, without labels, brands, or denominations, to pray for revival in our state, our nation, and the world.

Governor Pat McCrory took the stage to lead a prayer, then asked worshipers to step outside the four walls of their church and help their community.

“This isn’t about us, this is about God,” commented NC Governor Pat McCrory.

The Governor called on the masses of Christians to not just gather on Sunday mornings, but to pray for and practically love their neighbors every day.

the response nc“You’ve got to get out of your church and go to the emergency rooms and veteran centers.” commented the governor.

During the entire event, there were no logos, church banners, or denominational positions lifted up. Every person joined together in united prayer, no matter what race, culture, or church they were from.

“It’s not being separated on a particular church on a Sunday morning. It’s about coming together for a common cause, lifting up the one who has the answer to all of the world’s problems,” commented one of the pastors from Charlotte.

The Response broke down the walls of religion to raise up one voice, one prayer for God to bring revival.

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