Here’s What Charlotte Will Look Like in 2025


future of the queen cityWill the Queen City’s rapid growth continue at such a powerful rate? Will the roads be able to keep up?

According to many economists, by the year 2025, it’s projected that the Charlotte area will be home to over 2.8 million residents, 18% more than current population estimates.

For years, the Charlotte area has seen some of the highest rates of economic growth and population growth among all U.S. metro areas.

These days in Charlotte, there is a quickening of the tempo, supported and led by the energy and the innovative spirit of the Millennial generation, and by an increasing number of newcomers from across the country and around the globe.

We are not the place where things happen to us — we are the place where people make things happen. We are the embodiment of resourcefulness, of resilience and of reinvention. We are truly a city of and for the future.

Here is what the Queen City is projected to look like by 2025 years;

What Will Charlotte Look Like in 2025?This guide brought to you by Lawnstarter Charlotte


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