Governor McCrory Just Announced From Charlotte That North Carolina Will Not Accept Syrian Refugees


north carolina refugeesAt this week’s press conference in Charlotte, Governor McCrory announced that the state will no longer be accepting Syrian refugees. He stated that the sparse knowledge and poor background checks the federal government provides are not sufficient, given ISIS’s current threat level.

North Carolina now joins 27 other states around America that have refused the federal government’s demands to accept the refugees. Most governors, including McCrory, have stated that they would not willingly accept refugees until the federal government increases background checks to make sure terrorists are not brought into their states.

McCrory said that federal officials are not telling the states any significant information about who refugees are, how they were screened, and what their backgrounds include. So far there have been at least 59 Syrian refugees have come to various parts of North Carolina since 2014.

“I empathize with these people who are dealing with unimaginable atrocities from ISIS. I care for these people. But what worries me is that some of these people could actually be ISIS coming into our country,” the governor commented during the press conference.

Do you think Charlotte should deny the federal government’s requests?




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