Google Fiber Released Pricing Plans For The Charlotte Market Starting at $50/Month


Google Fiber has released their pricing for three of their Charlotte market plans;

– Fiber 1000+TV @ $130/month (1,000 MBPS upload and download)
– Fiber 1000 @ $70/month (1,000 MBPS upload and download)
– Fiber 100 @ $50/month (100 MBPS upload and download)

google fiber charlotteYou can find out all the details and sign up for any of the plans here on their site.

Google Fiber’s plan now includes 28 station to be built around the Queen City, with thousands of miles of cable running above and beneath the streets to connect each home with internet speeds 100 times faster than we have now, and for lower monthly payments.

Fiber cables will branch out from 12-foot by 27-foot fiber buildings that would serve about 20,000 homes each. Google will be connecting to houses that asked for it, but only in neighborhoods with high enough demand.

The fastest current broadband speeds offered in Charlotte have been about 10 to 20 megabits per second for years, until recently when TWC launched their 300 megabit service to compete with Google. Once Google Fiber is connected, it will deliver 1,000 megabits – or 1 gigabit – per second. This would allow for no-waiting downloads and uploads of movies or other big data files. Downloading 100 photos will take 3 seconds.

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