Windstream Just Announced Its Ultra-Fast Fiber Internet Service Is Coming To Concord


Last year Google Fiber announced that it was launching ultra-fast internet in Charlotte, and now Windstream is following suit, but this time in Concord, and several other towns around Charlotte, including Harrisburg, Kannapolis, China Grove, and Davidson.

It will be the first company in Concord to offer speeds of anything even close to one gigabit per second. This means that for anyone who wants to sign up, no more video buffering problems, slow upload and download speeds, or lag times on the internet.

Windstream is claiming that you will be able to download 25 songs in less than a second, a TV show in less three seconds or an entire high definition movie in little more than half a minute.

Windstream’s announcement comes as competition for ultra-high-speed internet is heating up around the Charlotte region from both Google and AT&T.

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