Gastonia Is Going Viral After Picture of Cloaked Figure Is Taken Near Playground


The city of Gastonia, NC is now a top trending topic on Facebook.

A creepy photo of a cloaked person reportedly dropping pieces of raw meat near a Gastonia playground has now been viewed by millions of people. The story has been picked up by CBS News, The Huffington Post, Fox News, International Business Times, and countless others;

cloaked man in gastonia
cloaked man in gastonia2

The rumors with the photo said that the person donned a “floor-length, hooded attire. Their identity and gender are also unknown.”

picture of cloaked man in gastoniaThe photo also claimed that the “figure had been dropping meat near a local playground.”

Gastonia Police sent investigators out to meet with the manager of the Hudson Woods Apartment complex about the photo.

They discovered that the setting did indeed match the photos, but they could not say for certain whether the raw meat had been dropped by the cloaked figure.

There is a playground, with the same type of fence, near the wooded parts of the apartment complex, although the cloak does seem to be very similar to one found here.

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