Fort Mill About To Build South Carolina’s First Double-Crossover Interchange


Fort Mill is about to have South Carolina’s first and only “double-crossover interchange”, a new type of exchange that implements a ‘double-crossover’ traffic pattern.

It will be installed at the Gold Hill Rd. exit off highway 77 in Fort Mill – the second busiest interchange in the region, with over 33k daily drivers.

The entire project will cost taxpayers roughly $12 million – government officials are hoping that it will drastically reduce congestion and accidents by offering a smoother transition for drivers entering and exiting the highway.

York County and SCDOT officials have been pushing for the double crossover diamond interchange with the anticipation of drastic growth in the area over the next decade. The design is expected to significantly increase car capacity while also reducing congestion at the interchange.

The new interchange has already been built in several other states, including North Carolina in the Raleigh area.

Do you think this will be a good investment?



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