North Carolina Food Stamps Are Now Restricted To People Working 20+ Hours or Taking Classes


food stamp recipients in charlotteOver 100,000 people in North Carolina who currently depend on food stamps to put food on their table now have to prove that they are either working or going to school to continue to receive their benefits. The law was originally suspended in 2008 after the recession, then signed back into law last October and has now begun to take effect.

The new federal requirement will apply to all adults under 50 years old without children.

North Carolina residents will now have to prove to the government that they are working or volunteering a minimum of 20 hours per week, or currently enrolled in a higher education degree program in order to continue to receive their food stamps.

Social services organizations throughout the state are now doing everything they can to inform people about the changes.

Mecklenburg County has already started several employment and training programs in partnership with local agencies to help with job and schooling opportunities for many people who may be struggling with hopelessness and years of rejection.

Local food banks are expecting an influx of hungry individuals who may not be able to find an opportunity in time due to a lack of transportation or criminal history.

What do you think of the changes?