Female Veteran From Concord Found Nasty Note Left On Car After Parking In A Veteran Spot


A veteran from Concord just gave the perfect response to an incredibly nasty note that was left on her car, after she parked in a Veteran Parking spot, accusing her of abusing the spot.

The incident happened this past Monday at the Harris Teeter at the Coddle Creek Shopping Center.

After about 30 minutes in the store, she came out to notice a small piece of paper under her windshield wiper that read;

“This parking is for veterans, lady. Learn to read & have some respect.”

Her response was perfect:

“I’m sorry that you can’t see my eight years of service in the United Sates Navy. I’m sorry that your narrow misogynistic world view can’t conceive of the fact that there are female Veterans. I’m sorry that I have to explain myself to people like you. Mostly, I’m sorry that we didn’t get a chance to have this conversation face to face, and that you didn’t have the integrity and intestinal fortitude to identify yourself, qualities the military emphasizes.

Which leads to one question, I served, did you?”

Hayes, who served in the U.S. Navy for eight years, said she normally doesn’t use the two parking places reserved for veterans at the store. But she said both were empty.

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