Donald Trump’s Visit To Rock Hill Is Stirring Up More Anger Than When Obama Visited


donald trump coming to Rock Hill

The Trump campaign’s scheduled visit to Rock Hill’s Winthrop University on Jan. 8 has many local residents responding similarly to when Obama visited back in 2012.

During Obama’s campaign trail visit, a local Rock Hill resident put up giant road-side signs reading, “Save America Nov 6 2012 Mitt Romney.”, “You can’t fix stupid – but you can vote them out!”, and “If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you weren’t a racist, you’d better vote for someone else in 2012 to prove you’re not an idiot!” Those signs spread like wild fire around the Rock Hill region and gained considerable national attention.

Donald Trump is now receiving a similar treatment as he has isolated himself from women and minorities and now that most local conservatives have thrown their support behind Iowa’s new front-runner, Ted Cruz.

The Porter family is so disgusted at Trump’s hateful and polarizing rhetoric that they decided to graffiti their own house to show the world what they think of Trump.

People all over Rock Hill are now taking notice – pictures of their home are now trending locally on social media in a similar fashion to the anti-Obama signs back in 2012.

Some of the messages spray-painted on the home read; “Trump Realty”, “Trump Hates Freedom”, “Trump Sold Me This House, What’s He Selling You?”, “This property is an artistic rendering of a post-Trump America,” and one of the most popular messages simply reads, “Donald Trump hates puppies.”

What are your thoughts on Donald Trump?



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