Danica Patrick Went Undercover With ‘Lyft’ To Street Race With Unsuspecting Charlotte Passengers


Lyft (Uber’s main competitor) recently produced one of the most epic commercials ever right here in the Queen City.

One of NASCAR’s favorite drivers, Danica Patrick, just became a Lyft driver to show people how to really drive on the streets of Charlotte – her customer’s reactions are priceless;

She continued to leave subtle clues to her passengers about who she was, and waited until the last second to reveal who she really was.

“My boyfriend thinks I’m a horrible driver… ‘Cause I don’t follow the rules, I drive too fast, I ride too close.”

“I hate waiting, but I love making lefts…left,left,left”

“I try and get like 500 miles in on Sundays, and I try to do it under four hours.”

How would you have reacted if Danica took you for a ride?