Charlotte Is Uniting To Help Father Who Was Paralyzed During Carjacking


Over $50,000 has already been raised to help a father who was paralyzed after being shot during an attempted carjacking over a month ago in their Grier Heights neighborhood.


20161008_113611-jpg-1383x1037_q85_box-01813831055_crop_detail According to his fundraiser campaign, “Early Tuesday morning on September 20th 2016, Forrest King was leaving for work when two men attacked him in an attempted carjacking. While Forrest was being assaulted at gun point his 8 year old son, Ronin, came out to say goodbye interrupting the robbery. The robbers then pointed their gun at his young child. As Ronin ran to get help Forrest was able to free himself, but as he turned to run away he was shot in the back. Forrest called 911 before passing out from blood loss.

The bullet entered his back shattering his T5 & T6 vertebrae, severing his spinal cord, puncturing his lung, breaking a rib and exiting through his chest. His impact with the ground resulted in a dislocated & fractured elbow. Because of his injuries, doctors had to perform immediate surgery to fuse his T3 through T8 vertebrae. With the complete injury to his spinal cord Forrest is not expected to walk again.”

A Carolinas Medical Center hospital room has been Forest’s home for over a month now – it’s filled with get well cards, encouragement, and love notes from his family and friends. He keeps pictures of his two children and wife Alissa closest to his bedside.

Due to his insurance refusing to pay for the costs of his continued care, the hospital is now saying that he will have to leave by the end of this week, unless he can come up with the needed funds out of pocket. Doctors have recommended 6 to 8 weeks in a skilled rehab facility, if he is to ever have hope of walking again.

Please consider donating to his HelpHopeLive campaign here, and please spread the word to help his precious Charlotte family!