Charlotte Residents Safe After Police Take Out Gunman At NorthLake Mall


northlake-2Although many people are traumatized, only one serious injury has been reported after a gunman was killed by police at Northlake Mall on Christmas Eve, according to WBTV news

Charlotte residents and visitors were picking out their final gifts when witnesses say they heard seven shots fired shortly after 2 p.m.

Police returned fire at the gunman in Journeys shoe store, fatally wounding the man and quickly ending any further violence.

IMG_20151224_165101The Charlotte Observer reported that one person is now being treated from a leg injury. A pregnant woman and someone suffering with asthma were also taken to the hospital for monitoring.

John Dawson, a local Charlotte salesman, commented that he was buying a gift for his date when the shooting erupted. He said it began with an argument inside a packed store.

“There was a dude fighting with one or two dudes, and I kind of stopped and looked over there,” Dawson said. One person pulled out a gun and started “shooting everywhere.” He said other shoppers began running when the shots were fired, a nearby police officer then responded by returning fire.

Caryl Santos, a 20-year-old sophomore at East Carolina University, said she was standing in the checkout line at Belk when suddenly people began running toward the exit.

“I had no idea what to do so I grabbed my mom, dropped my stuff and ran out of the store. It was so terrifying,” Santos remarked.