Charlotte Reporter Maureen O’Boyle Asking For Help To Keep The Man Who Raped Her in Jail


Maureen OBoyle PetitionOne of Charlotte’s most well-known and reputable reporters, Maureen O’Boyle, recently launched a petition “to protect other women and young girls from a serial predator and convicted rapist,” after learning that her rapist is now up for an early parole – 20 years early to be exact.

In the petition, Maureen shares a powerfully honest description of her attack, and clear reasoning why James Starling should not be released this coming April;

“My rape was the most terrifying day of my life…but the horror only escalated when I learned James Starling, inmate number 168978, might be paroled…on April 4th, I woke to the feeling of a naked body pinning me down and a large knife to my throat. Then I heard the words, “Don’t make a noise, or I’ll kill you right away.” James Starling chose that night because the day before my roommate had moved out. He knew I’d be alone. This was a calculated crime. To try and put into words the physical sensation of a body baring down on you, squeezing the very breath from your lungs, and the feeling of sharp metal against your throat, is almost impossible. My life flashed in a second. And all I could hear was, “I’m going to kill you and no one will ever find the pieces.”…He also packed professional camera equipment, lighting and everything. Starling moved me about the room. And dressed me in other people’s underwear and posed me in pornographic positions and photographed me…Then as the pressure was building, with the phone ringing, he raped me. And told me, “I’m coming back to finish you off. This isn’t the end”…When he was caught breaking into homes, with families inside, he told the police, “I’ve been waiting for a long time for you to catch me”…James Starling confessed to my rape, to the sodomy charges, and the rape of another woman. He admitted it…This is a man, who psychologists said, “…could never be fixed”. He has deep-seeded fetishes, hatred toward women, a desire to control with fear and violence, and deviant sexual tendencies…I remember a detective saying, “He’s got bodies buried somewhere.” My daughter, your daughters and granddaughters deserve to wake up every day knowing justice is being served because James Starling is serving his full sentence. Protect women. Don’t let this rapist and monster free. I beg you. Most sincerely, Maureen O’Boyle”

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I’m asking for your help in keeping the man who raped me behind bars. Read about the crime and sign petition here:

Posted by WBTV’s Maureen O’Boyle on 21 March 2016

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