Charlotte Ranked The #1 City In America Where Millennials Are Moving To


Business Insider just released a new study which names Charlotte as the top city in America where “millennials are flocking to in droves”.

The study compared data from several different sources, including personal-finance company SmartAsset, real-estate-analytics firm RCLCO, and mortgage-software company Ellie Mae. They concluded that Charlotte is now the top city, followed closely by Seattle, WA, and Oakland, CA.

The report notes, “The millennial population of Charlotte, the biggest city in North Carolina, grew by nearly 11,000 in 2015, the latest year for which there is data.” Seattle attracted 10,000 and Oakland attracted 7,500 that same year.

A few months ago also ranked the Queen City as a top destination for Millennials, citing our growing number of breweries, coffee shops, restaurants, and high-paying jobs.

Preparing For Your Move To Charlotte, North Carolina 

Welcoming yourself into a new environment is quite challenging, as you’ll have to prepare yourself emotionally, mentally, socially, and financially. As the city blooms into success, you have to go with the flow by creating the life you want in Charlotte. Therefore, it’s paramount to plan and prepare for your move to the city with these tips:

  • Seek Help From Moving Experts

Because of the challenges of moving to your new location, you should definitely consider hiring professional movers that can take care of your entire move. Before arriving to your place in Charlotte, you’d want your household items and personal possessions in good hands. Different companies also offer reliable, affordable packing services to ensure your items are stored safely in their boxes before transport.

  • Setting Up Yourself As A Charlotte Resident 

If you’re coming from another state, Charlotte requires you to get a new driver’s license. Make sure to bring your proof of age, proof of residency in Charlotte, proof of Social Security Number, and proof of liability insurance to the state’s authority. Also, don’t forget to register your vehicle to North Carolina.

  • Explore The Neighborhood

The uptown isn’t short of dining, leisure and entertainment, educational opportunities, and employment opportunities. Explore the neighborhood if you’re planning to move into this wonderful city.