Charlotte Mortgage Company Hiring Over 200 New Employees Due To Recent Merger


goodmortgage-com-officeCharlotte’s homegrown was just acquired by Virginia-based First Guarantee Mortgage Corporation, but this is actually good news for the Queen City.

FGMC will be keeping the brand in tact, leaving the headquarters in Charlotte, and expanding their reach from 18 states to as many as 40 states.

The newly acquired and better resourced company will also be hiring at least 200 new employees in Charlotte over the next 12 to 18 months – they currently employ about 75 in their 3325 S. Tryon St. offices.

FGMC’s press release indicates why they were initially attracted to the company, “ is one of the early pioneers in the build out and development of the “online” mortgage-lending platform. The Charlotte-based headquarters provides a 45,000 square foot campus that supports a healthy “Live-Work-Play” environment where motivation meets enthusiasm. This team-building atmosphere breeds productivity, efficiency and overall employment satisfaction. will operate as a separate division of First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation, retaining the name”

Charlotte’s entrepreneurial spirit continues to transform our city into one of the most innovative and exciting cities in the world!

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