Charlotte Man Gets 25 Years in Prison For Trafficking 2,000+ LBs of Marijuana Into Our City


charlotte marijuanaA joint operation between the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police, Homeland Security, and the Internal Revenue Service (code-name ‘All Tuckered Out’) resulted in the arrest of the head of one of the biggest marijuana trafficking rings in Charlotte’s history.

Ryan Tucker was ordered to serve 292 months after being convicted of running a six-year trafficking operation that imported well over 2,000 pounds of medical-grade marijuana from California. Tucker was also found guilty of laundering over $1.7 million in drug money.

His father, Frederick Tucker (69), who just so happened to be a retired SBI narcotics officer, was also recently arrested and convicted as a courier of the drug ring – he was sent to jail for three years.

Judge Frank Whitney sent his son, Ryan Tucker, away for over 7 times as long due to his leadership role in the drug ring, and for his long criminal history.

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