Local County Workers See 9th Highest Wage Growth In America


charlotte area county workersCatawba County workers are now seeing their earnings increase at the 9th highest rate in the country.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s latest report, Catawba gave their employees 8.9% more than last year, and this isn’t the only county in the Charlotte metro area that’s paying employees comparatively high wages.

Mecklenburg County also outpaced the rest of North Carolina, increasing the wages to their employees by 6.8% to $1,204 per week on average – ranking #36 in the country.

The Raleigh area, in contrast, posted surprisingly low numbers – Durham and Wake counties both came in at #218 nationally (out of 343 counties), showing an increase of only 4.2% year-over-year.

Mecklenburg County also ranked among the top in the nation for hiring – with a 4% increase in employees. That was 33rd highest among the America’s largest counties, according to the BLS figures – York County did even better, with a 4.5% growth rate, and ranking at#18 nationally.

All of the counties in the Charlotte metro region are expected to continue their hiring surges as our region continues to improve – if you’d like to browse all job openings around the Charlotte region click here.

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