Charlotte Approves Plans For New SouthPark Tower


The City of Charlotte just approved plans for the construction of a new 10-story-tall tower in SouthPark.

Lincoln Harris will name the new 356,000 square feet building ‘Capitol Towers 3’ as it’s now the third building in the speculative project, first started in 2014.

The new tower will feature 340,000 square feet of office space and 16,000 square feet of retail space in a building up to 180 feet in height, according to the site plan.

The approved zoning proposal requires Lincoln Harris to make $125,000 worth of pedestrian improvements around the development, including;

  • Providing a southbound left turn lane with approximately 325 linear feet of storage on Barclay Downs Drive to Fairview Road.
  • Installing at least 3 2-message blank out signs (“No Turn on Red” and “Right Yield to Pedestrians”) for all approaches.
  • Installing audible push buttons for all crosswalks not already improved.
  • Install or contribute funds for approximately 700 linear feet of multi-modal trail (“The Loop”) in the area bisecting Carnegie Boulevard.

What do you think about SouthPark’s newest office and retail tower?