Carolina Tiger Rescue Provides A Safe Home For Abused and Illegal Big Cats


carolina tiger rescue charlotteCarolina Tiger Rescue is a 501(c)3 nonprofit wildcat sanctuary, with a mission to save and protect wildcats in captivity and in the wild. Carolina Tiger Rescue provides a home to wildcats in need of rescue and educates the public about what threatens these animals: in the wild, in the pet trade, and in the entertainment industry.

They are currently helping over 25 large exotic cats that have been rescued from all over North America, and are now open to the public for tours and informational seminars, and classes.

Over the years, the organization has helped to rescue hundreds of abused and neglected wild cats, and has even returned many back to the wild.

Carolina Tiger Rescue also recently won the Apparo Technology Innovation Award, a major grant giving them advanced technology to help rescue more cats more efficiently;