Cam Newton’s 24k Gold-Plated Oldsmobile Is Truly One Of A Kind


Cam Newton is now turning heads on the field and on the street with his 24k gold-plated 1970 Oldsmobile 442 Cutlass, complete with diamond stitched seats, 24k gold Forgiatos rims, air-ride suspension, and Newton’s signature C1N logo and a Panthers head inlaid on the front bumper and steering wheel.

Atlanta Youtuber ‘Whips by Wade’ posted this video featuring Cam’s stunning car;

According to TMZ, Cam told the guys that the car would “lean” when some of his bigger friends got in (such as a few of the Panthers linemen) … so Monster put a new air-ride system in the the car which levels it out.

“It’s a head-turner, He wants his cars to be unique, just like him.” commented Terry Dobbs, the owner of Monster Customs, just outside of Atlanta.

What do you think about Cam’s gold car?