Cam Newton Has Just Started Hosting A New TV Show


cam newton tv showCam Newton has just started hosting a new Nickelodeon show called ”I Wanna Be” that will feature Newton taking children to help their dreams come true. There will be 20 episodes in all.

The NFL MVP winner, and arguably the best QB in the league, will serve as executive producer of the television series during his off-season.

Cam commented that he wants to create a positive message for the next generation.

“It’s really unbelievable, you know I’m a kid at heart, we all know that – but yet, I think nowadays days, so much is really said about reality TV. After knowing so many people that are actually there, I didn’t necessarily want to go that route.” Cam recently commented.

“I love giving back and just seeing their faces and the energy they give off, which is reciprocated because I’m enjoying that as well,” he said.

The show will feature Cam stepping into the lives of different children and taking them on journeys that will push them toward fulfilling their dreams.

Cam Newton is a true inspiration to us all!

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