#BlackLivesMatter Protesters Barricade Highway 277 in Charlotte


The criminal cases against Randall Kerrick have officially been dismissed, but #BlackLivesMatter protesters in Charlotte continue to call for changes to be made to the justice and law enforcement systems in the city.

On Friday evening, dozens of cars started lining up on Brookshire Blvd. to slow traffic to a crawl all around highway 277. Once they got into formation, the lead cars slowed down to 10 mph as they drove in a funeral-like procession around highway 277, with their flashers on and #BlackLivesMatter sayings painted all over their cars.

They joined an even larger group of activists in Marshall Park for an open discussion;

After speaking to several of the participants, it seems clear that they will not stop until change is made.

A few weeks back, we hit the streets of Uptown to ask average Charlotteans if they also thought the city needed change, you can watch their responses here.

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