An Estimated 16.5 Million Americans Will Call In Sick After The Super Bowl


A study released by The Workforce Institute indicates that at least 16.5 million American employees will skip work today after Super Bowl 55, and at least 10.5 million Americans took the day off in advance.

The “Super Bowl 55 Fever Sidelines Employees” poll was taken online last week between Jan. 27-29.

The study specifically found that;

1 in 10 workers will skip work on Monday because of the Super Bowl.

  • 16.5 million Americans will skip and 10.5 million have already called in sick.
  • Another 7.5 million will show up late after the Super Bowl.
  • As high as 20 percent of employees ages 18-34 say they may not go to work on Monday because of the game.

Super Bowl 52 Fever may include fatigue, nausea, and football mania.

  • Fifteen percent of American employees have already called in sick the day after the Super Bowl at least once in their lives.
  • Being tired from staying up late watching the game was the top reason for both calling in sick (40 percent) and showing up late (41 percent) on Monday unannounced.
  • Drinking too much was also a key factor in unplanned absences, as 34 percent of people 21 and older admit to calling in sick on the Monday after the Super Bowl in years past because they were hungover, while 28 percent say a hangover caused them to be late.

Your boss isn’t immune to Super Bowl Fever, either.

  • Of those who plan to watch Super Bowl 55 that identify as a manager or boss with the authority to approve employee time-off requests, 29 percent say they may miss work on Monday, too – 18% have already taken off.
  • 35% of managers have already missed work or shown up late to work on Super Bowl Monday at least once in their lifetime.