3 Men Near Gastonia Arrested by FBI For Manufacturing Bombs


3 men in gastonia charged with bomb makingThree Gastonia area men were just arrested for attempting to make bombs in Belmont, NC.

This past weekend, the FBI raided a Belmont tattoo parlor and a Mount Holly home.

Yesterday, Eugene Litteral, Christopher Campbell, and Christopher James Barker were all charged with felony counts of possession of bomb making materials and conspiracy to obtain bomb making materials.

Undercover officers received tips that the trio was attempting to make live grenades from “dummy grenades” sold legally as military artifacts. The men believed that America was about to impose martial law, and they were getting ready to resist the feds with ‘lethal force’, according to investigators.

The group has also been stock-piling ammo, radios, Kevlar helmets, body armor, and balaclavas in preparation of what they thought was a coming civil war with the feds.

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