Mecklenburg County’s Only Public Beach Opening This Saturday


first mecklenburg county beachMecklenburg Counties first public beach, which first opened last summer, is about to reopen this coming Saturday with upgraded facilities and services.

According to CharMeck Parks and Rec, “individuals and families planning a trip to the beach will be able to visit daily between 10 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.  Lifeguards will be on duty during beach hours.”

There are now 50 new parking spaces, bringing the total up to 177, new signs and surveillance cameras, and a more consistent CATS bus schedule to and from the Ramsey Creek Park beach.

Last day this year for the #Beach at #RamseyCreekPark #LaborDay

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Last year, the total attendance at the beach was approximately 70,000, with the majority of visitors coming toward the beginning of summer, and declining toward the end, presumably because of overcrowding and limited parking.

Will you be heading to the beach this year?



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