Cam Newton Said That Colin Kaepernick is a ‘True Legend’ who made ‘The Ultimate Sacrifice’


Carolina Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton hasn’t protested yet himself, but based on this week’s statements, that could change this weekend.

During this past Wednesday’s press conference, Cam noted that he wanted any protest he participated in to be a team effort.

…and he also made some very strong statements about Colin Kaepernick (the NFL player who first started kneeling during the National Anthem in protest last year):

“My hat goes off to the Colin Kaepernicks of the world,” Newton commented, “He’s made the ultimate sacrifice [as a player] and I respect that wholeheartedly. I can’t let a moment go by without shedding light to that: A person that does have the talent to play, a person that should be in this league, but I feel as if he’s not getting his just due because of his views.

But that’s a legend, right there. For him to think outside of himself, to raise awareness of something that, this is 365 days removed from his first initial stand, and now here we are doing the same things. And now everybody is kind of understanding what his reasoning was, and I respect that.”

What do you think about Cam’s statements?

Would you like to see Cam and/or other Panthers protest this Sunday?

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  1. Cam Newton is showing just how out of touch he is. He must get his news from CNN if he truly thinks fans are identifing with C.K. and support his protest. Looks like C.K. just ‘protested’ his ass out of a job. He successfully divided people and choose to make us watch his protest in our off time. Well, people are not watching. Wonder how C.K. would have done if he had started this off the field and on his off time. But Cam doesn’t see Americans wading through flooded waters rescuing their neighbors and even complete strangers. He sees C.K. as his hero. Cam needs to get out more.