4 North Carolina Towns Landed Among The Top 25 Places In America For Opioid Abuse


A new report conducted by the Castlight Health Group ranked the top 25 worst towns in America for opioid abuse and 4 North Carolina towns showed up on the list – Wilmington ranked #1, Hickory ranked #5, Jacksonville ranked #12, and Fayetteville ranked #18.

Castlight analysed health data from a randomized selection of almost 1 million people across the country to determine national usage rates and new trends. “The use and abuse of prescription opioids continues to be a challenging and costly crisis for the U.S. The facts underscore the severity of this crisis:

• Nearly 2 million Americans are abusing prescription opioids

• 16,000 people die every year from prescription opioid overdoses

• Opioid abuse costs the U.S. economy nearly $56 billion

• Opioid abuse costs employers approximate”


They also discovered that roughly 1 out of 3 opioid prescriptions, insured by employers, is currently being abused.

Find out more about the opioid crisis in America on their full report here.



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