10 Gifts Every True Panther Fan Will Love


With the Panthers now 8-3 and Christmas right around the corner, now’s the perfect time to buy your hardcore Panther fan friend (or yourself) some new gear.

If you’re looking for that perfect Panther swag, or if you’d just like to show a little more team spirit, here are the top 10 gifts that every true Panther fan is sure to love:

#1 Panthers Infinity Scarf

panthers infinity scarf panthers gear

Show your team spirit wearing this Carolina Panthers chevron infinity scarf. It makes the perfect game day accessory and great for adding a little extra to your jersey – see what people think about the Panthers Infinity Scarf by clicking here.

#2 Panthers Snuggie

panther snuggie gifts for panthers fans

Come on people, it’s a Panthers snuggie, who wouldn’t want one of these?

#3 Dab On ‘Em Fan Shirt

dab on em shirt

panther fan gearJoin Cam’s Dab Army with this epic Panthers “DAB ON ‘EM” Long Sleeve T Shirt. It’s perfect for the true Panthers Fan.

This shirt is 100% cotton and extremely comfortable.

Be sure to grab yours today and DAB ON ‘EM with Cam Newton every time he scores this season.

Check out more details here.

There are also several other companies that have created their own versions of dab on em shirts, click here to see our list of the top 5 dab on em shirts for Panther fans.

#4 Panthers Cornhole Set

panthers corn hole set

This custom Pathers cornhole set is perfect for tailgating, cookouts, or just hanging out on a sunny Carolina day.

Check out more details by clicking here.

#5 Keep Pounding Bracelet

keep pounding panthers gear

This is the perfect accessory if you want to show your Panther pride every day of the week – or to just remind yourself to keep pounding throughout your day! Check out more information or buy one on Etsy by clicking here.

#6 Signed Cam Newton Panthers Jersey

signed cam newton jersey gifts for panthers fans

Make all your friends (and everyone at the game) super jealous with this signed Cam Newton Panther’s jersey. This was hand signed by Cam at a signing session after one of this season’s games. See more details about this signed Panthers jersey by clicking here.

#7 Panthers Earrings

panther earings gifts for panthers fans

If you have ears, or if you know anyone with ears, these earrings are for you. Check out what other Panthers fans think about them here.

#8 Panther Car Decal

panther car decal gifts for panthers fans

If you have a car and you call yourself a Panthers fan and you don’t have one of these, you need one of these.

#9 Panthers Insulated Cooler/Chair Combo

panther cooler chair gifts for panthers fans

This is one of those inventions that you’re probably thinking, “that’s my invention!” Perhaps one of the most brilliant inventions in tailgating history, this chair/cooler will allow you to not only keep your beverages cold, but also sit. Sit, keep stuff cold, and support the Panthers, all with one click.

#10 Panthers Giclee Printed Canvas

ultimate gifts for panther fans

Each one of these hand-made giclee printed Panthers canvases is truly one-of-a-kind. The perfect gift for any Panther fan’s office, bedroom, sports bar, man cave, living room, etc. Bring pride, color and light to your interior décor with these original Panther prints! Find out more details about this print here on Etsy.com.

Bonus: Luke Kuechly Panther Socks

Luke Kuechly socks carolina panthers fans

Full color in the front, black and white in the back – these are truly classic.


If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, you can browse over 396,000 other Panthers items by clicking here.


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